Mistress Danica in latex girdle, lace and stockings

Now this is one hot momma to start me off! I have never felt the urge to wank so much! A big titted dominatrix! This big black beauty really does it for me! I have never seen a woman so scary! I mean, I was sitting and watching while wanking and she goes all dominant! I really had to wank harder as I was scared she would jump out of the screen and snap my cock in two if I didn’t! I fucking loved it! This chick does so much from keeping eye contact to slapping a horse whip in her hand while shouting at the viewer.

Do you like to be dominated? Or do you prefer to do the dominating? I think I can go for being dominated! Watching this gave me such a thrill. I have never seen if anything like this in my life! I might even go and try the real deal after watching this. Do any of you know of a good dominatrix? Have any of you even tried it for real? I can’t believe that we men can get a real buzz of pleasure off a woman that can cause so much pain!

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